7 Reasons Why Its Better To Buy A New Home!

NOW You Can Save BIG Money Buying A NEW HOME
…Compared To Buy A Used Home!

1. Blank Canvas – For a Fresh Start

We all love that ‘New Feel Buzz’ we receive from buying and wearing shoes or clothes for the first time.   Of course this increases as we buy nice watches, Jewellery or items like the latest phone, tablet or laptop. For some the ultimate buzz comes from when their driving around in brand new car, the smell and feel is one thing … the pride of ownership is just a whole new level.

Now you can take the ‘new car buzz’ and multiply it by 20 as owning your own brand new Mitchell Gardens home will give you that buzz and lift you, making you feel good every time you arrive home, and walk into your new, fresh, bright and clean, home untouched by previous owners or their dodgy DIY!

With Axminster Homes we allow you to really stamp your own style and personality on your home with our Lifestyle packages.

2. Help To Buy

New home prices have always been ‘keen’ … however demand is pushing the prices up. In Axminster to prices have been stable, however we not sure how long this can last.   Help To Buy from the Government is an amazing deal to allow you to purchase a new home with just a 5% deposit.   Even if you don’t need their 20% loan … it gives you a 20% reduction in interest for 5 year as it’s interest FREE for FIVE YEARS! Axminster Homes are happy to help you with applying for the ‘Help To Buy’ scheme.

Just look at the local rental prices and compare these with paying just 75% of your homes mortgage! Some people are SAVING BETWEEN £300-£600 per month by buying on the Help To Buy Scheme than paying rent. There has never been a better time to get your foot on (or up) the property ladder.

3. Greener Really IS Cheaper

According to David Pretty, chairman of the New Homes Marketing Board (NHMB) “Today’s new homes really are green homes. They are built to the latest environmental standards and are extremely energy efficient, packed with highly-efficient heating systems, double glazed doors and windows, plus high levels of roof, floor and wall insulation. They are on average six times more efficient than existing homes, generating over 60% less CO2 emissions. This reduces energy bills by an average of more than £500 a year!”

Being ‘green’ once meant a lot more work for you and MORE COST … so now how great would it make you feel knowing you home green and efficient while low impact on the local environment, and a bigger smile on your face knowing it has less impact on your bank account?

4. NO chain, NO hassle

Buying a used house one hopes there is no nasty surprises for you once you have moved in as you have paid for the survey and searches before you exchange. However often the big surprise has more to do with the length of people in your chain.   The stress and uncertainty may not be with the people you are buying from, nor the people you are selling to…it can be someone three or four places down the chain. In fact, its usually one of the solicitors that forgot to check on something before going off for a boozy lunch, that can make your chain fall like a pack of cards.

Thankfully new homes come ‘Chain Free’ so you don’t have these hassles.   Once we start your home there is very little to stop us. Only an extra long run of extreme weather can slow us down, and the last few years have not really made much difference to us.

Therefore you can move into a new home as soon as it is complete. We will not make you wait months or keep moving the day you can enjoy your new home.

5. Bigger BANG for your Money

Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for” … we believe this is true. We have found installing the cheaper ‘contractor’ range of kitchens and bathroom suites is a false economy. It takes longer to install cheaper items as we always find faults with them, and as we will look after your home for the next two years, we don’t want to be visiting you every few weeks repairing something.

Therefore you’ll find most new-homes will be built to a much higher specification than the majority of older homes… and with Axminster Homes we go that step further and put in quality items so you really do receive much more for your money!

6. Designed for todays low-maintenance lifestyle

All Axminster Homes new-built homes have been designed and built to the latest high standards and to make the very most of every inch of your home.

Todays lifestyle has changed, we are all too busy ‘working’ or ‘playing’ to be concerned over additional house work or doing a spot of DIY, so all our homes are designed to give you low maintenance living.

The low-maintenance has even moved outside … we often have requests for ‘AstroTurf’ fitted instead of grass so you don’t spoil the few sunny days lawn mowing.

7. Peace of mind

Gone are the days people would buy a new home and start having problems galore form day one, only to find the builder doesn’t care … or indeed is no longer in business.

The government has stepped in and set out rules and regulations that all builders must abide to.  From the moment you place your deposit on an Axminster Homes new-build home your money and your home is guaranteed by a building insurance company called ‘Premier Guarantee International’ who will back up Axminster Homes Two-Year warranty with a TEN-YEAR structural warranty, which covers any major defects to the structure of the property, or in its construction.

So if you act now and reserve a New ‘Axminster Homes’ Home, you’ll receive peace of mind, knowing you’ll be the first to stamp your mark on your home,

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